After School Explorers


Students explore technology and cyber learning after school

The Coatesville Community Education Foundation supports the local development of a talented and trained workforce. The After School Explorers Program is a collection of science and technology activities targeted at school children (K-12) in out-of-school-time settings, like after school and during the summer. The Program introduces basic science and technology concepts using engaging hands-on activities. The program is flexible and  uses a variety of learning contexts that includes astronomy, robotics, computers and other forms of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning such as those found at How to Smile. 



The Foundation is working with strategic partners to build a workforce pipeline beginning in pre-school and continuing though the post-secondary years. The Foundation provides instructional materials in robotics and information technology that will expose students to skills necessary for competitive employment in the 21st Century.  Furthermore, we collect data that is being used to demonstrate our successes and help to sustain our programs. The Foundation fosters local partnerships between industry, educational institutions, and government to create sustainable learning communities in science and technology as it strives to provide professional development opportunities for all teachers and students.

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